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We are “Portrait Photographers” willing to go one step further to create an image or a collection of images that will convey your personality. We are a combined family of 5 beautiful children, 9 adorable grandchildren, a dog, Bentley and cat BB. Our love of family, the outdoors, pets, and of community flows through in our everyday work. Our desire to work with each client one on one, learning as much about them starting with the first conversation, gives us the ability to connect with our clients that will last a lifetime.

We invite each of you to take a moment to express your vision with us so together we can share the experience in creating a portrait with your personality in mind. Paying close attention to your personality, clothing preference, location, how you spend your leisure time, what makes you laugh, what makes you cry, will direct the outcome of your experience.

Our eagerness to continue our photographic education and willingness to share that knowledge with our customers shows in the final images. You are not only receiving two award winning photographers; you are getting many hours of experience through various disciplines, learning how to create works of art that capture your imagination.

Our portrait clients range from Executive Portraits, Family Portraits, Senior Portraits, Bridal and Engagement Portraits and Wedding Coverage.

Allow us the time and we will share a portrait experience second to none.